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How to Register?
Registration on Hotdeal is free! In an easy one step process:
Click on "Register" link that appears on the top of every page.
Enter your contact information in the fields provided.

1. Full Name: Enter your name
2. E-Mail: Enter your email ID. Always register with an active email address,
3. Confirm E-Mail: Re-Enter your email ID to verify you have entered it correctly.
4. Password: Choose password which you can remember easily. (minimum 8 characters) You will have to login to be able to post a listing, or see a sellers contact info.
5. Confirm Password: Confirm your password to verify you have entered it correctly.
6. Country: Enter your country of residence.
7. City/Area:  Enter your home/business area or city location.
8. Address: Enter your mailing address.
9. Mobile: Specify correct mobile phone number. (Be sure to enter your number correctly so that interested buyers may be able to contact you for the products)

Do I need to register?
Yes, you need to be a registered Hotdeal user to be able to sell, and have access to sellers contact information to buy.

Why is registration Important?
Registration is beneficial to you as a user as it entitles you to all promotional and special offers at Hotdeal.

What if I forget my Password?
In case you forget your password, you can click on the 'Forgot your Password? Click here to retrieve it' link on the login page. When you click on that link you will be asked to provide us your e-mail addreass and the new password will be e-mailed to you at your email address, you may also call us for verification and password replacement if you do not have an active email account.

How to Sell?
Online listings are a great way to market your products to a wider and more diverse audience. Selling on Hotdeal is easy.

Sales Process
1. Register at Hotdeal for free.
2. List your item with its details.
3. Attend to questions and inquiries.
4. Close the deal

How to Buy?
Buying on Hotdeal is simple!
1. Register
2. Find an item or service.
3. Read the item page.
4. Contact seller and close the deal.

Step 1: Register yourself
Step 2: Find an item
Step 3: Read the Item Page
Step 4: Contact Seller
Step 5: Close the deal and count your savings

Step 1: Register yourself
Step 2: List an item for sale
Step 3: Answer any questions
Step 4: Close the deal and watch your business grow

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